Community Mapping: The how’s, why’s and wherefore’s!

SEI researchers have been busy developing two new resources aimed at community groups and geographic information system practitioners….


Community Mapping and P-GIS

This guide provides practical guidance aimed at lay users, community groups and students on whether community mapping and participatory geographic information systems are appropriate methods for the development issue you are investigating. The guide then talks you through the practical steps of designing, running and assessing community information collected using maps. The options, benefits and skills needed for of further analysis of the maps using PGIS are also discussed. Finally, alternative methods that could also be useful for community groups are also considered with links to other information sources.

For those who want more practical guidance on the participatory GIS methods there is also…


Online P-GIS Video Tutorials

These online video guides and slides provide practical information and examples on designing, planning, undertaking and then analysing community maps using GIS techniques. The video guides describe in detail the steps needed to prepare for community consultations using maps, examples of collection methods and then detailed information on how convert participatory maps into digital spatial databases. Finally there are example slide resources on how you can use community mapping and PGIS to improve environmental decision making outcomes.

For more PGIS news you can follow Steve on Twitter @s_cinderby_SEI or for more information and all the latest global news on PGIS you can also follow the IAPD blog here…


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