Who are we and why have we decided to start a blog? I’d better start by introducing ourselves. We’re a group of researchers based at the Stockholm Environment Institute at the University of York, UK. You may be wondering what Stockholm has to do with the University of York (we get asked that a lot…) Basically SEI is an independent international research organisation which does research around environment and development issues (see for more details). We’ve got offices around the world, including one which happens to be in York where there are around 30 members of staff. There is a small but increasing group of us in York who are involved with participatory research of some kind, from designing and running environmental citizen science projects, through using participatory mapping to better understand local issues, to evaluating the effectiveness of engagement work. We’ll be blogging about projects we’re involved in, thoughts on articles we’ve read, new methodologies, conferences we’ve been to, and other things we’ve not thought of yet.


Sarah on a ‘bug hunt’

So let me introduce myself. I’m Sarah and I’ve been working at SEI York since 2008. Most of this time I’ve been working on the OPAL citizen science project (see, but have been involved with lots of other projects too, which I’ll post about in the future.

And why blog? Well, we all work on many different projects, and we thought it would be a good idea to collect our musings about our work in one place. Many of us have twitter accounts, but sometimes we’ve got more to say than can be expressed in 140 characters. Plus, we tend to like interacting with people and want to start a dialogue about our work. We’d love to hear your feedback about our work, either via comments on this blog, or to our twitter accounts. Thanks for reading.


What do you think?

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